Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tiptoeing Back ...

... with my tail between my legs.  I haven't been a very good blogger lady and I have missed so much.    Life has taken some big twists and turns the past 6 months or so and I have hung on for dear life.  With much prayer ~ I know there will be peace soon.  I do know Life is Good and I celebrate that every single day.

We have a new place in town ~ The Woolley Ewe ~   A cute little shop inside of Country Pine Antiques.  I sell adorable punch needle kits, primitive rug hooking kits, wool appliqué patterns and kits and the supplies needed.  Classes are offered several times a month.  It's been a fun and enjoyable venture ~ I am loving it.  Meeting the ladies and making new friends is sweet.

What do you think of my pretty little sheep?  She is my logo and sign and business cards :)

This after a wonderful monsoon storm!  The picture doesn't do it justice ~ but the rainbow was breathtaking.  I pulled off the road to take a minute to admire God's work.  This was the brightest and most beautiful rainbow EVER ~ promise.

The grands are back to school now and seem to be loving it.  Summer is great but the kids really like the structure and relationships with their classmates.  

#1 Grandson has a new haircut ~ just like his Daddy!  I think he is beautiful.

My pretty #2 Granddaughter on the right ~ went to get the summer chlorine taken away from her pretty blonde locks!  Love this picture :).

#3 Grand at Home Depot ~ precious one!

Have a blessed day ... chin up, shoulders back and smile on!

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Good luck on your new business venture. Sounds like fun! Your grands are really cute.